Awesome Docker

Awesome Docker is a collection of resources, training materials, guides, projects vetted by the Awesome Docker maintainers. This open-source list is non-opinionated and lists all things surrounding the Docker ecosystem. The list is based on the Awesome Lists which range from Kubernetes, Cloud, IoT, to non-tech topics like entertainment and business.

Episode Transcription

Welcome back to The Byte. In this episode, we're going to talk about the Github repository, Awesome Docker. Now, I don't know if you know about the Awesome lists that are available in Github but there's someone that created a contributor list. What is his name? [Sindrewhosawesome 00:00:21]. I'll put the link in the show notes but anyway, if you think of any technology or any space, for example, Kubernetes, Serverless, Docker, et cetera, if you Google awesome and the name, there's some sort of list on Github that tracks all the different products around this specific niche, I should say.

What's interesting though is Julien Bisconti created an Awesome Docker list quite some time ago and it has grown substantially. It is actually at 14,400 stars and I must plug it a little bit because I'm also a contributor here and it's an open-source list. It's hosted on Github. We have a Netlify link to it as well. Essentially what it is, is every project we could find surrounding the Docker ecosystem we put into this list. We start off on where to start with docker, so docker best practices, some playground, tutorials, et cetera, how to get started on Windows, the different components of docker, and then it gets into actually like operations and monitoring, networking and we list out every component we could find or people submit their own projects.

They have to follow some sort of criteria where it has to have a decent readme, it has to be understandable. It can't be too dodgy or too salesy and so you can put some SaaS solutions out there. We're not going away from SaaS at all. We're really open for everyone but the idea is that everyone can submit something and it's gonna be linking back to the Github page or to the source code of the project. If it is a SaaS solution, we always indicate that it costs money.
We go through it and we try to maintain this list as best we can. We put a skull and crossbones next to it if it's an abandoned project. If it's in beta, you'll see construction signs. Monetize, you'll see a dollar sign next to it. It's quite a great list because it's reference actually also in docker documentation so many times when you're a docker Docker, different pages of docker in the blog, you can see the reference back to this. Many things that we see things come up, so new features of docker or projects, we always ping the maintainer of the project be like, hey can you also add it to Awesome Docker?

It's its own community because it's unopinionated and we basically put anything out there that's gonna help grow and help people learn about the different aspects of Docker, anything from IoT and Serverless. I really have contributed a lot, I've really dug and I've found a lot of projects along the way. If you have a project, if you have something you're working on, please submit it. Even if it's not ready we're willing to take a look at it and see, give you feedback on what it would take to get it into the list.

If you have any suggestions, feedback, I mean we're open for everything. Julien Bisconti, he's on this thing 24 hours a day. He's always maintaining it, updating it, and there's a lot of automation in it, making sure the links are working, but our goal is to build this for the community. This is giving back to the community to help people understand the different areas of docker. As I mentioned before, monitoring, security, networking, whatever you're interested in and really gives you a list. Every talk I give, so anything presentation et cetera, I always put this as the number one resource to docker because it has everything there.

If you wanna know anything about docker, how to get started, all the different links, it's all in one place. Have a look. Awesome Docker. It is the repository for all things docker. Again, if you're interested in other things like all things Kubernetes, there's an Awesome Kubernetes or an Awesome Serverless, Awesome IoT. There's a bunch of different Awesome lists so go check out the different lists as well and I'm looking forward to your feedback on what you think. That's all we have for Awesome Docker in this episode. We will see you in the next episode. Have a good one.
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